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Pierre Desir donates 10,000 meals to the Houston Food Bank

Many people in Houston remain without power and water due to infrastructure failures caused the crippling winter weather that has caused problems throughout the state of Texas and veteran cornerback

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Cosmetic laser may boost effectiveness of certain anti-cancer therapies

Use of a cosmetic laser invented at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) may improve the effectiveness of certain anti-tumor therapies and extend their use to more diverse forms of cancer. The

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Future Group creditors scramble to recover $2.5 billion loans amid Reliance deal woes

Future Group’s creditors are exploring options to recover more than $2.5 billion in loans, amid worries the Indian retailer’s planned sale of assets to Reliance Industries could fail, four bankers

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Reddit’s lead GameStop hypebeast is being sued for his role in the stock surge

“Roaring Kitty,” also known as u/DeepFuckingValue on Reddit and Keith Patrick Gill in real life, is now the target of a lawsuit (which you can view below) that claims he

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Tiny premature baby born 13 weeks early saved after being put in sandwich bag

A premature baby born 13 weeks early has survived after quick-thinking medics saved her life with a sandwich bag. Tiny Orla-May Rospo-Hughes was smaller than her mum’s hand and weighed

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