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Giants running back Saquon Barkley was crying and asking “Why me?” when he tore his ACL in Week Two of last season. But he’s done feeling sorry for himself and focused on getting better.

Barkley said on Mike Tyson’s podcast that he understands not every running back gets his athleticism back 100 percent after a torn ACL, but all he can do is his best.

“No matter what, if I came back and things didn’t go the way I don’t envision it going, which I can’t see that because that’s the way I envision it, but I know I’m going to do everything necessary to put myself in the right position, in the smart way and the right way, to come back better,” Barkley said, via “If it’s not in the cards for me to me to do it, At least I know I can look myself in the mirror and know I put in the work ethic and I did the little things and all the all the things that matter to try to make myself become one of the best to do it.”

Barkley, who just turned 24, should have a long career ahead of him. But he recognizes he still has a long road back for the 2021 season.