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Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert has plenty of concerns on the contract front right now, but his own pact isn’t high on the list.

Colbert has been working on a year-to-year basis the last few years and his current deal will expire after this year’s draft. He told reporters on Wednesday that is “all I deserve because we have to continue to prove ourselves year after year” and that he won’t be thinking about adding another year to his tenure in Pittsburgh for quite a while.

“We didn’t do good enough. That is the evaluation I’m making on myself,” Colbert said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Art [Rooney II] and I will discuss it at the appropriate time. Now, we need to focus on the team. I’m signed through the end of May. We’ll have plenty of time to sort through that.”

Colbert has worked for the Steelers since 2000 and there’s been no sign that either side is eager to end that relationship, but it will likely be a bit before anything is officially decided in Pittsburgh.