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Tim Tebow retires from baseball

Tim Tebow has now retired from two different professional sports. The 2010 first-round pick of the Broncos has announced that his second career in baseball is over. “It has been

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Advances in X-ray imaging can help patients with breast cancer

A new X-ray imaging scanner to help surgeons performing breast tumor removal surgery has been developed by UCL experts. Most breast cancer operations are what are known as conserving surgeries,

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Resurgent Canadian natgas producers look to horn in on U.S. market

Canadian natural gas producers are bouncing back faster from the COVID-19 pandemic than battered U.S. shale firms, putting them in position to boost net gas exports to the United States

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The podcast wars will come down to ad tech, not exclusive content

iHeartMedia, the company behind podcasts like Stuff You Should Know and hundreds of radio stations across the US, announced today that it’s spending $230 million to acquire a platform many

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Missing woman found dead in Zeeland canal

The police found the body of missing Ichelle van de Velde in the canal along Kanaalweg near Sluis on Tuesday afternoon. The woman from Oostburg had been missing since December

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