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At least 108 Amsterdam Jewish men killed in secret experimental gas chamber

At least a quarter of the 389 Jewish men who were arrested in Amsterdam during raids in February 1941 did not die of exhaustion, illness, assault, or where shot while

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Amsterdam student killed because she was pregnant, Prosecutor believes

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) believes that 22-year-old student Sumanta Bansi was killed by suspects Dwarka B. and his son Manodj because she was carrying Manodj’s child. “It was a

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Missing girl, 12, found safe abroad

A 12-year-old girl who disappeared from Voorburg on February 9, was found safe and in good health on Tuesday. The child was found abroad, but the police did not say

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Tiny premature baby born 13 weeks early saved after being put in sandwich bag

A premature baby born 13 weeks early has survived after quick-thinking medics saved her life with a sandwich bag. Tiny Orla-May Rospo-Hughes was smaller than her mum’s hand and weighed

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Man head-butted police after toilet-seat sledging accident caused brain damage

A man who suffered brain damage in a toiletseat sledging accident head-butted a police officer. Liam Stafford spat at an officer after being arrested in Middlesbrough and then went on

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